Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Wie sich Sparprogramme von Regierungen auf die Gesundheit auswirken

In dem Buch "The Body Economic – Why Austerity Kills" untersuchen zwei Public Health-Wissenschaftler die Auswirkungen von Sparprogrammen im Rahmen der Austeritätspolitik auf die Gesundheit.
Das Buch ist jetzt in deutscher Übersetzung erschienen:
David Stuckler, Sanjay Basu: "Sparprogramme töten – Die Ökonomisierung der Gesundheit"

Buchsprechung im Deutschlandfunk: Gesund leben fördert das Wachstum"  Website    Audio
     In wenigen Minuten kann man in dieser Besprechung lernen, was Public Health ist.

Website zum Buch Link

Rezension in "Democracy now"
In their new book, "The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills," economist David Stuckler and physician Sanjay Basu examine the health impacts of austerity across the globe. The authors estimate there have been more than 10,000 additional suicides and up to a million extra cases of depression across Europe and the United States since governments started introducing austerity programs in the aftermath of the economic crisis. For example, in Greece, where spending on public health has been slashed by 40 percent, HIV rates have jumped 200 percent, and the country has seen its first malaria outbreak since the 1970s. An economist and public health specialist, Stuckler is a senior research leader at Oxford University. Dr. Basu is a physician and epidemiologist who teaches at Stanford University. "Had austerity been organized like a clinical trial, it would’ve been discontinued given evidence of its deadly side effects," Stuckler says. "There is an alternative choice that we found in the historical data and through the present recessions: When we place people and their health at the center of economic recovery, it can help get our economy back on track faster and yield lasting dividends to our society."

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